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Another top performance from Rheinhard

THE KZN Bodyboarding Association trial was contested at Alkantstrand Beach in Richards Bay .
At first, conditions weren’t looking too good with some small swells on high tide and a moderate North Easterly pushing through.  There was a really disappointing turn-out with a small dropknee and men’s division and not one boys’ or female entry.  Thanks to help from the riders, everything was soon set up and the first heat hit the water.
To everyone’s glee, conditions picked up really well with the tide dropping and some swell hitting the bank. With the waves hollowing out, many riders were catching tubes and with that, the riding quality improved enormously.

Body boarder Stefan Becker Richards Bay Alkantstrand south africa

Stefan Becker impresses the judges with a good invert in the second trial

The stand-out was, without a doubt, the juniors semi-finals with all the finalists catching good waves and charging the hollow outside sections.
Sean Roberts (Love Slave) dominated the semis and proved himself a force to be reckoned with in future competitions.
The final was all Janek and Love Slave from the start, but in the end Janek’s inverts proved too strong for Sean’s contest riding. The men enjoyed a straight final with Michael Jansen van Rensburg claiming the win by busting out a huge flip on one wave and getting an awesome outside barrel coming out with a big air roll on his other scoring wave .
Divan almost ‘pulled a bull out of the bag’ with a super invert but it was not enough to threaten Michael.

Low scoring
The dropknee division final had good waves coming though, yet the guys didn’t seem to enjoy the shallow bank too much for their riding position and a really low scoring heat ensued.
Rheinhard du Toit (RDT) managed to claim the win with an impressive clean barrel with a decent snap coming out, giving him another victory for the year.
Bringing the day to a end was the pro final.
Paddling out was Royd Williams, Giovann Muller, RDT and an in-form Hans Heinrichs making his first final this year.
Hans proved himself worthy with two really impressive scoring waves which unfortunately were not enough to put any pressure on RDT who racked up really big scoring waves. Gio came through well, taking RDT on with some big moves but couldn’t land a well-launched invert.
He managed to grab second place with Royd in fourth.
All in all the day went well.
A big thanks to Rieka who totalised all the heats, the guys who helped out and those who gave up their free surf time to judge.

Source: Calvin Williams - Zululand Observer