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Art across the globe

Art across the globe

Richards bay news zululand american artists indiansArriving at Richards Bay Airport , American Indians will be sharing their crafts and culture in Zululand - Calen Nipshank, Mel Cornshucker, Zululand Crafters Association Co-Ordinator - Kushu Dlamini, WK Kellogg Foundation Programme Manager - Mathabo Molobi, Lavra Fragua-Cota, Joseph Brian Suina, Rose Simpson and Julia Wall

UNCANNY similarities between American Indian and African artworks were the subject of discussion in Zululand this week.
Arriving on Monday in Richards Bay , American Indians from around America and sponsored by the Institute of American Indian Art and the WK Kellogg Foundation, were excited about their forthcoming visit to the Zululand region.
Rose Simpson, who does life-size sculptures in clay and is an accomplished potter said one of the most astounding impressions she has had regarding African art and culture, is the likeness to her own culture.
‘Not only is the art very similar, but many of our traditions are the same.
‘We communicate with clay, and through the drums and dance.
‘I have been blown away by the similarities,’ she said.

Traditional lifestyle
Another artist with the group, Joseph Suina who grew up with a traditional lifestyle in the Cochiti Pueblo Reservation said they were looking forward to sharing and discussing their designs with Zululand craftsmen and women.
He works in stone, bronze, two-dimensional arts as well as creating beautiful pottery works. The Institute of American Indian Art is in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Pueblo tribes are famous for their pottery skills.
Zululand Crafters’ Association Co-Ordinator, Kushu Dlamini welcomed the visitors to Zululand, where they will be spending time with crafters in the Obanjeni area.

Source:  Zululand Observer