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Hospitality Industry invited to 2010

Hospitality Industry Invited to 2010Smiling guy world richards bay accommodation south africa

Zululand's hospitality industry gathered in Richards Bay on Thursday to hear the latest strategic developments and planning for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.
With Richards Bay in the running to be chosen as a major satellite hub for the massive event, Tourism KZN (TKZN) in conjunction with MATCH, who are appointed by FIFA to provide ticketing, accommodation technology services for the FIFA Confederations Cup South Africa 2009, 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, the FIFA Confederations Cup 2013, gave detailed presentations to hotel, guest house and B&B representatives.
Richards Bay and surrounds need to provide a minimum of 200 rooms as part of the criteria to be chosen as a satellite hub.
But there has been a slow response from the hospitality industry across the country to sign up as FIFA's contracted accommodation, and according to MATCH's Jeanine Topping, Zululand has been no exception.

Reluctant to sign

Guest house and B&B owners have expressed concern over losing their established clientèle, as well as signing a contract with MATCH which commits them to a fixed 16% increase over the next three years.
In the contract MATCH have also requested an 80% exclusive reservation rate, with 20% set aside for other guests.  But Topping said the opportunities of signing with MATCH far outweigh any disadvantages.
'Previous soccer world cup events have shown local travel flow comes to a stop during the time period of the games and it will definitely not be a case of 'business as usual'.
'It is expected that there will be no movement by corporate business people and normal tourism patterns will not exist, as all flights, luxury coaches and accommodation will be fully booked.
'It is a huge opportunity for the hospitality industry to not only sell their accommodation, but to market their business on the international stage on a long term basis on the FIFA website and in booklet form,'  said Topping.

Major spin-off

And TKZN's General Manager, James Seymour echoed her sentiments, saying that the sheer transport logistics for 2010 will see local communities reluctant to travel.
He added that there will be major spin-off for satellite hubs in terms of food and entertainment for tourists.
He said Richards Bay was ideally placed to be chosen as a satellite centre, as it is within two hours travel by air or road to all the major cities where matches will take place.
'Richards Bay is in the unique position of being able to host a number of cities.
'These tourists will not be soccer hooligans, but wealthy individuals who can afford the 2010 World Cup holiday packages which will go on offer,' he said.
And Seymour added the event will market South Africa as never before – nearly 30 billion television viewers watched the last World Cup Soccer, with 700 million watching the final.
Topping urged the hospitality industry to bring the World Cup event to Zululand.

Source:  Zululand Observer