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Sifundo Gumbi the founder of "Sifundo Gumbi Birding Tours and Safaris" was one of the first Richards Bay Bird Guides trained at the Birdlife SA training centre in Wakkerstroom in 2002. Richards Bay is one of South Africa's top waterbird areas.

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The habitats are as diverse as from thornveld, Papyrus swamps, open freshwater lakes, Mangroves, Dune forest to mudflats, open sea and sandbanks. Richards Bay is the area for rarity sightings in Zululand with birds such as among others Crab Plover and Broadbilled Sandpiper being fairly regular every summer. Many forest birds such as Woodwards Batis and Eastern Nicator (Yellowspotted Nicator) reach their southernmost limit around here. Open lakes are home to scores of waterfowl as well as hippos and crocodiles. The entire area has been earmarked by Birdlife South Africa and Birdlife Zululand for major conservation and avi-tourism development - (link here to projects Richard Bay avitourism). Richards Bay also has the advantage of being Zululand's biggest and wealthiest city and can offer visitors to the area a range of first world accommodation, restaurants and other facilities all within very close proximity to excellent birding.

The Richards Bay area boasts a variety of habitats ranging from Savanna, Sand Forest, Swamp Forest and Mudflats.Specials further afield of Richards Bay include Pels Fishing Owl, Pink-Throated Twinspot, Neergard’s Sunbird, African Broadbill, Varreaux’s, Bateleur, Walberg’s and ,African Crowned Eagles, Rosy Throated Longclaw, Mangrove Kingfisher and a huge variety of Pelicans, Flamingos and Ducks. (Especially around Richards Bay)

Safari Tours:
Zululand is home of the Big Five game Reserves in South Africa.Hluhluwe-_Umfolozi Park is the second biggest game reserve in SA and boasts spectacular birding alongside the Big 5 ! Mkhuze is about an hour and a half north of Richards bay, although not a Big Five reserve you can still get good views of Black Rhino, Elephant, Cheetah , and lots of Hippos, Antelope and small mammals such as warthogs, genets, duikers etc. Mkhuze is also home to the endemic Neergard’s Sunbird, Pink-throated Twinspots and around 400 other species !

Educational Tours:
Sifundo Birding Tours and Safaris has been working closely with Bird Life South Africa and the Zululand Birding Route in promoting Birding Tourism in rural local schools in Zululand. More than 15 local schools have benefited from these projects with a lot of help from the NGO’s who are also able to be involved in conservation. The aim of Sifundo Birding Tours and Safaris is to take these school children out in the local Game Reserves to let them explore nature and be given a chance to experience wildlife and the outdoors. Anyone interested in sponsoring such a trip for a rural school should please contact Sifundo Birding Tours or the Zululand Birding Route

About the Tours :
All tours are organized exclusively around your personal needs, ranging from a day up to two!

Potential five day itinerary could include:
Day 1: Richards Bay wetlands – includes visits to Southern Sanctuary and Thulasihleka Pan,.

Day 2: Eshowe Forests – Includes visits to the Dlinza Forest Aerial Boardwalk and Entumeni Forest

Day 3: St Lucia Estuary: Includes the Igwalagwala Trail and Iphiva Trail

Day 4 and 5 : Bonamanzi and Mkhuze.

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