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Zululand offers a diversity of guided trails. There are also a number of self guided trails.

Dlinza Forest Nature Reserve Trails
The trail starts from the picnic site in the 200ha reserve. Lots of antelope species and birds, including the Crowned Eagle.
143kms north of Durban
The Officer in charge
Telephone: (035) 4744029

Enseleni Nature Reserve Trails (2)
2 Hrs
There are two trails, the first one of which passes through grassland and swamp/riverine forest. Another one has specimens of large indigenous trees, the black monkey thorn and the flat crown.
Picnic sites, ablutions, guided nature and game walks through the Reserve are available.
Enseleni Nature Reserve which is between Empangeni and Mtubatuba.
The Officer in Charge
Telephone: (035) 7920034

Entumeni Nature Reserve Trails
Two trails in an evergreen, mist-belt indigenous forest. The 750ha reserve has small buck and rich birdlife, including Crowned Eagle. 16kms west of Eshowe on the Nkandla Road.
Telephone: (035) 4741141


Mtunzini Chalets Trail
2,5 hrs
There is a short walk from the chalets to the footbridge over the Siyayi River. A trail may be picked up at the commencement of the footbridge on the lefthand side. This winds through the dune forest to the south beach parking lot in the Umlalazi Nature Reserve. There is a circular route for the return journey.
Mtunzini Chalets
Telephone: (035) 3401953

Ngwenya Nature Reserve Trails There is 5km of trail in the reserve. A special children's trail is conducted on Saturday afternoons. The trail can be shortened according to the age of the children. The reserve lies along the north bank of the Tugela River. Wild animals like Nyala have been introduced. Other species occur naturally in this area.
Telephone: (032) 456 3191/2/3

Raphia Palm Monument Trail
This is a short trail of about 500m along a winding boardwalk over ground favoured by the raphia palm grove. It was built by the Mtunzini Town Board and is suitable for wheelchairs.
Umlalazi Tourism
Telephone: (035) 4741141

Tafelberg Trail
This trail is in the forests near Babanango.There are day and overnight trails. Camping or self-catering accommodation and braai facilities are available.
Contact: Ulundi Tourism Association
Telephone: (035) 8700552

Twinstreams Farm Trails
Various well maintained trails through dune forests and along a river up a rehabilitated catchment. Facilities include an education centre and dormitories made from natural materials by Mondi Forests.
Near Mtunzini
Telephone: (035) 3402511

Umlalazi Nature Reserve Trails (3)
4-5 kms
There are 3 trails. The shortest one is a trail of about 15 minutes and the longest one is 4km long. There is a wide variety of wildflowers and birdlife and the rare palm nut vulture may be seen.
Umlalazi Nature Reserve, Mtunzini
The Officer In Charge
Telephone: (035) 3401836