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Valley of the Zulu Kings Weekend adventure.Three day tours of Zulu traditional culture, contemporary Zulu life and Zulu ceremonies, Big five Zululand Safari, guided game walks and more.
The Zululand Birding Route World-famous birding venues provide forest, grassland, wetland, bushveld, mountains, estuarine, coastline and open ocean habitats, making this southern Africa's most diverse area for birding. 63 southern African endemic or near-endemic species are present, making this region a must on any birders' wish list.

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For Birding route enquiries contact:
Zululand Eco-Adventures. Eshowe.

Day 1. Friday 11.00 am.

Contemporary Zulu Life.

Day to day Life in Rural Zululand. ( 11.00 am) with Walter Cele & Victor Mdluli in a Zulu Village. If you are travelling through our country and feel you have missed Africa, you are at the right place. Here you personally engage with local people during your walking tours through the rolling hills of Zululand right near King Shakas military stronghold where Zulu and King Shaka were born.Get to know the zulu people, zulu culture and zulu nation.

This is their country and we give you an insight into contemporary Zulu life. This laid back tour is a great leveller for anyone living in the first world. You meet fantastic people who have almost none of the material things that you possess but can show you things about life which you have probably forgotten. Meet Walter and Victors families and enjoy a light lunch with cows and goats roaming the hillsides around you. Old ladies doing crafts, children doing daily chores, women working the vegetable gardens, schools, church services.Whatever is happening at the time. Remember with us no one is waiting for your arrival to perform. This is how it is.

The Great Dlinza Forest Aerial Boardwalk.

4pm. First of its kind in Southern Africa. The boardwalk winds through the Forest canopy and ends up on a tower overlooking the Dlinza Forest. This subtropical forest of rare birds, chameleons, snails, butterflies, moths, frogs and beetles not to mention the flora and fauna. Your guides will reveal secrets of the forest and the ecosystem that keep the forest alive. They will give you Zulu interpretations of bird and tree names. You can then do your own hike in this tranquil natural environment .Its another world out there, far from the crowds and concrete where you can gather you thoughts and look at life from a different angle. Dlinza forest is one of five natural forests running in a 100 km line running northwest from the coast. They are the most important forests in southern Africa from the aspect of unique biodiversity. Your guides will tell you more.

Traditional Zulu meal.

Music and meal around campfire. 6.30 pm
Gladys sumptious traditional campfire meals with music from Ma Ngema, if available, playing her umtshingo.Penny whistle. imfiligi. Harmonica.and umakhweyana. Rustic violin. Zulu beer optional.

Shebeen Tour.

7:30pm. An evening visiting alternative drinking and eating places in Eshowe.Music and people experience. Alternative evening pubcrawl to pre apartheid illegal bars. Meet a cross section of South Africans.

Day 2. Saturday.

Umfolozi/Hluhluwe big five and valley of the Zulu Kings. 5.30 am

Your Zululand African Safari.Full day tour of game reserve. We get up early to get an early peak at the game in the Umfolozi and Hluhluwe game park. On the way we pass the site of Zulus birth, the eMakhosini Valley and battlefield of Goqkli Hill which made King Shaka famous. We take a glancing interest and reflect on a world of wildgame and people living together in that wonderful era.

Protected since 1897 the Umfolozi takes in a gigantic 118,000 acres ranging over floodplain and hill country. Hluhluwe is a respectable 57,000 acres and includes areas of misty mountain forest as well as bush and grasslands.
Hluhluwe-Umfolozi is loaded with wildlife, including as many as 1600 white rhinoceros (Square lipped). This is the biggest population of white rhino in the world. We search for the big five.Buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard, and black rhino - hooked lipped. This is the last refuge of this unihorned dinosaur look alike species. These reserves offer some of the best and cleverest wildlife viewing in the Elephant country.

The vegetation, thickest along river courses, is composed largely of tamboti and acacia trees. White and black rhino, waterbuck, wildebeest, nyala, kudu, buffalo, giraffe, cheetah, lion and crocodile, wild dogs as well as many other smaller animals and a diverse birdlife can be observed. Umfolozi is a Zulu word embracing the essential qualities displayed by the leader of a span of oxen - courage, strength and patience.

Day 3 Sunday

Amatikulu Game Reserve. Guided Game walk 4x4 trail. 6.00 am

Drive to Amatikulu game reserve (2100 ha) while the sun rises over the Indian Ocean. This was John Dunns hunting grounds given to him by King Ceteshwayo. We do a two hour guided game walk from the confluence of the Nyoni and Amatikulu rivers overlooking panoramic views of the river estuary, sea, dune and coastal lowland forests and coastal grassland. Abundant birdlife ( 300 species) can be seen and heard. Birds from crested guineafowl, cinnamon doves, bush shrike, green coucal and many more. Game like Giraffe, Zebra, Kudu, Impala and Reedbuck are easily seen particularly at the watering hole. You might be lucky to see smaller creatures like blue duiker, mongoose & genets You are taught how to track in the wild and walk amongst the animals of the park. We then do a 4x 4 trail through the reserve to the watering hole. This is definitely 4x4 country and an exciting trail.

Mpushini Falls.

Short hike to a beautiful secluded waterfall in the heart of subtropical Dlinza Forest. Tranquility of the forest interspersed with myriad bird song, the sound of cicada’s and crisp falling waters of the Dlinza. Good for a skinny dip.

Amatikulu Beach Zulu prawn braai.

A Zulu culinary experience at the Prawn Shack at Amatikulu Beach. The beach venue is a rustic shack and huge deck , overlooking the warm Indian ocean. Use your fingers, plenty of fresh hot food, relax, snack and socialize. This is not just a meal. It’s an experience. Enjoy Amatikulu premier prawns, wander the dunes and chill on the beach. The Caiparinhia bar is open. The menu:Prawn skewers with dipping sauces, caprese salad , prawn bunnies, grilled linefish with pesto sauce , Zulu sushi a rare fillet with soya and wasabi thyme butter, grilled prawns, baked brie topped with caramelized sugar. Caipariniha Cocktail - local cane spirit with crushed limes and sugar

Zululand Eco-Adventures.
Eshowe. Zululand.
KwaZulu Natal. South Africa.

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